Friday, November 4, 2011

At least what you should know about DAG

1. Its a combination of SCR & CCR
2. Its Limited dependancy with WindowsFailoverCluster. DAG uses Windows Failover cluster,heartbeat,& filesharewitness etc.but we neeed not to mangae it from Failover cluster console & its not a full fledged Failover cluster.
3. Active manager ( Primary Active mgrs,Standby Active mgrs) component which runs in each mailbox svr takes care about failover/switch over instead of Exchange cluster resource DLL ( clusres.dll)
4. CCR cannot cooexist with any other Role,Whereas DAG node can cooexist with any other exch role.
5. We need not to deploy DAG intially itself,we can create & add DAG nodes at any point in time.thus its scalable too.

6. Managed fully with Exchange tools.
7. In CCR ,single DB failure causes complete cluster failover which is not happening in DAG
8. Supports upto 16 Mailbox servers
9. quick switch over (less than 30 sec)
10. You can have DAG Members located in different AD sites but should be in same domain.
11.Asynchronus Log replication utilizes SMB in Exchange 2k7 where as its TCP in EX2k10 DAG & bydefault its port 64327 which is customizable.
13. DAG allows Logfile compression & encryption across networks.
14. we can have upto 14 days of truncation lag time .in scr it was max only 7 days.
15. Seeding can be done from a passive copy.
16. Public folder is not protected by DAG,but we can have multiple PF stores.

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